The Shooting Gallery

Join us at Wallflower in the Shooting Gallery, where we feature an artist’s show in coordination with the West Seattle Artwalk each month on the second Thursday, 5-8 p.m.

June: Jessica Creager

Jessica Creager

“A collection of works spanning a decade, and a new body of work inspired by my grandmother.”

May: Erica Keeling

Erica Keeling

Erica’s hand-colored photographs and collages invite us to examine the psychological landscape as it reflects her experience, the experiences of those close to her, and that in which she witnesses on a larger social scale

Erica Keeling is a photo-based multimedia artist whose narrative artwork explores the psychological impact of various social conditions. Her work is a series of vignettes influenced by politics, personal history, daydreams, and social critique. Erica confronts her subjects with drama and quiet humor. Each image captures an intimate moment from a larger narrative, the scene articulated with extraordinary intention. She has exhibited in galleries nationally, been published in Dark Pool Magazine and Suspect Press Magazine, and has been commissioned by various performing artists and musicians. In sharing her work, she honors the connectivity of the human experience as well as the unseen becoming seen.

April: Deborah Streeter

Deborah Streeter

“My love of textures and patterns of fabric is as strong as ever. In recent years, the pieces of cloth scattered around my studio started begging to be stitched to painted paper. This show
emerged out of a desire to let the paper and the cloth blend their voices together in my studio; to let myself blend two formerly disparate creative endeavors into one visual and tactile

Each of these quilts is one-of-a-kind. The pieces are built from scraps of antique kimono silk,
painted cotton, altered National Geographic Magazine pages, collage, and painted paper. Each individual scrap is only important in relationship to those that surround it. Together, they harmonize.”

March: Cariña Booyens

Cariña Booyens

Paintings and poetry reflecting on the themes presented in Shakespeare’s play, “All that glisters isn’t gold” by William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, 1596.

February: Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson

Once upon a time in the 70’s, Kelly picked up a pencil and started drawing. When she was old enough to understand that she could make a living drawing pictures, she devoted her life planning to do just that. Salaciously sassy and sometimes racy and retro, Kelly creates greeting cards, jewelry, and prints of her original illustrations inspired by burlesque, pin-ups, and food.

January: Patrick Woods’ work will be displayed through January!

December: Patrick Woods

Patrick Woods

“I have been an artist for 40 years. I create in many mediums, but the main body of my work is acrylic paint on canvas. I am self taught. I term my work transmographicational surrealism. Images derived from the layering of Phi ratio based designs into (usually landscape formatted) paintings of realistic depth and light.”

November: Tara McDermott

Tara McDermott

“The basis of my work is a constant exploration of the lush botanical beauty surrounding me in the Pacific Northwest. I love finding the beauty and romance in simple things and quiet places. These images I take form the raw material from which I create my finished photo encaustic mixed-media pieces. A fantasy world that emerges out of the everyday around us. Who knows which is truth and which is fiction?”

October: Judith Rayl

Judith Rayl

“My semi-abstract photography explores the beauty found at the intersection of nature and the human-made. Harmony, presence, and perception are my themes. I am inspired by the reconciliation of the natural with the manmade, the immediacy of texture and movement, and the play of light and shadow.

My photography uses no double images, layering nor retouching; I embrace the impermanence of each moment. My unaltered raw images explore new visual perspectives by seeking refractive and reflective viewpoints. I began showing my art in 2017 and my work has been chosen for 29 exhibitions to date. I was also selected for the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture’s Ethnic Artist Roster. My full portfolio can be viewed at

September: Michele Salazar

Michelle Salazar

“Remembering the past, and a look at what was left behind.”

August: Anita West & D Lisa West

Anita West & D Lisa West

Two sisters, different memories
Anita West and D.Lisa West are Seattle natives. The oldest daughters of an immigrant from Finland, they grew up in the south end of Seattle in a family compound with aunt, uncle and cousins in one house, grandparents in another and their home overlooking the backyard bowling alley. There was also a sauna and a chicken coop and a large garden.
The memory series includes oil paintings and collages digging deep for the meaning of what memory is. For example, Who caught that King Salmon?, and Why is their other sister hanging her head in shame? Bowling, the ocean and high school and are key themes in their work.

July: BethAnn Lawson

BethAnn Lawson

Taking much inspiration from a life-long career as a graphic designer and illustrator, these bold paintings from BethAnn Lawson explore the fine edge between abstraction and realism. In her modern-impressionist style, she’s creating striking and unexpected portraits of people, architecture and nature, presenting engaging looks at daily life.

June: Rodolfo Rios Garza

Rodolfo Rios Garza

Rising as a mosaic from the table top where all his artistic creativity begins, “Genesis” opens to an eclectic exhibit of new work by Rodolfo Rios Garza- some old favorites revisited, and prints on canvas and metal.

May: Heidi Bruns Shank

Heidi Bruns Shank, Ethereal Haze, 2016, 6x4

Heidi Bruns Shank

“The human experience of sight is as unique as a fingerprint, determined by not only the body’s physical capacity but also the mind’s personal lens of experience.  Through a vision-altering medical condition that began 2006, my assumption that sight is the same for all changed; I concluded it is actually quite distinctive.  Persistent Migraine Aura filled my visual field with aberrations of snow, lights, afterimages, and pixelation.  In the beginning, I was challenged to see past the negative effects of my condition.  Through time, my body and mind acclimated and settled into a new “permanent” reality.  As I explored this world of polarizing sight and discovered my own unique vision through photography, I wondered “Does our uniqueness unite or separate us?”
Through Adapting Clarity, I express that individuality of sight and perception is the very thing that unites us.  Depicting everyday landscapes through alternative digital, in-camera methods and handmade lenses, I create images of a fabricated sight experience.  United in the process of sight, the work allows for personal interpretation and individuality in forming a view of this disorienting world and questioning the reality of what is seen, as I did countless times in the beginning stages of my condition.”

April: Kelly Rae Cunningham

Bad Landing 30x40

Kelly Rae Cunningham

“My paintings began with ceramics as slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. Late in college I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to canvas. I am mostly a self taught painter, and my work is a lot of experimentation and exploration.”

March: Lupe Carlos III

Lupe Carlos III

Lupe Carlos III points his camera at his woodland friends who gladly pose for photos. The magic and mystery of these recent images reflect Lupe’s intimate relationship with all things great and small. These wee-people tell their own stories. The photos tell their stories, and Lupe tells the stories of how these pictures were made.

February: Lori Vonderhorst

Lori Vonderhorst

Lori Vonderhorst’s thoughtful compositions draw you into a world intimate with nature and abundant with personal symbolism. This award-winning artist’s paintings and mixed-media pieces are treasured by collectors across the country.

“Vonderhorst’s paintings are especially haunting” writes critic Ron Glowen. Her paintings are dreamy and rich: delicate bird eggs hover above flowers not quite settled in the vase; twigs and vines twist together as if embracing; words float in the background, alluding to a story, a memory, a moment. Her collages and constructions — incorporating estate sale and junk store ephemera collected throughout the years — invite you to imagine the lives of another: souvenirs collected and discarded; mementos of another place and time.

January: 9th Annual Puny Picture Show & Benefit HELD OVER!

December: 9th Annual Puny Picture Show & Benefit

We will be celebrating our annual Puny Picture Show & Benefit with Pasado’s Safe Haven, an organization dedicated to fighting animal cruelty.

We will be featuring tiny works made by talented artists:
Jessica Creager
S. Jordan
Wendy Sloneker
Mari Jalbing
Michelle Smith-Lewis

Proceeds will support Pasado’s Safe Haven! Join us in celebrating this wonderful event!

November: Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed

As an Artist, I am always evolving, I strive to become a better artist and person every day. I try to paint what I feel and see, over the years my paintings have become more free and loose, as I worry less about the rules and what people think and more about how each painting makes me feel. My newest pieces, I believe, reflect the most growth. The birth of my first child has changed me and the way I look at the world and the result in my work has been exciting for me to see. As I paint I have always had a vision of what the final piece will look like in my head, but with parenthood there is simply less time and that vision doesn’t always have the time to become so clear in my head, as a result things are becoming more spontaneous and surprising to me, which really has been a new wonderful experience.

October: Heidi Ehrenberg

Earth Tones, Heidi Ehrenberg

Heidi Ehrenberg

Subtle tones and bold colors bring these landscapes into focus. Using dramatic lines, layers, and textures, Ehrenberg’s work is gradually shifting to greater abstraction. Through this transition, Ehrenberg continues with a landscape theme.

September: Michelle  Smith-Lewis

Michelle Smith-LewisMichelle Smith-Lewis

An intimate view of dancers in the Pacific Northwest and how identity is reflected through movement.

IDENTITY is an ongoing project that focuses on capturing the signature style of an individual dancer. It is not about the traditional or perfect pose. It’s a closer look on how a dancer’s body moves in space to tell a story as well as revealing the key elements in their movement that form their identity.

It is that moment, when seen, that will prompt observers to sat, “That’s so…”

August: David Atkinson

Iceland_day03_1424ADavid Atkinson

Travel through Iceland in the breathtaking images of local photographer David Atkinson.

July: Erica Keeling 

WolfErica Keeling

See into Erica Keeling’s visceral world through her photographs. She explores the complexities of her experiences through a series of vignettes influenced by dreams, politics, personal history, and social critique. Prepare for a world steeped in photographic traditions of past while skewing contemporary life in America.

Check out some more of Keeling’s work at her website!

June: Jeanne Waters 

Jeanne Waters, Desperate Dog, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 63, 2017

Jeanne Waters

The Show:
Desperate Dogs in Desperate Times

From the Artist:
Jeanne Waters’ residency in Mexico for twenty three years deeply influenced her art. Everything she saw was a confirmation of what she loved. She integrated her perceptions of Mexico into her paintings and sculptures and her work still reflects the beauty of that magical place.

Waters presently  maintains a studio at Powerspace in SODO.

Check out some more of Waters’ work at her website!

May: Julia Rapinoe 

RapinoeJulia Rapinoe

The Show:

From the Artist:
“Small scale woven works inspired by patterns in the landscape and the various influences that forces of nature have on those patterns.”

Come check out Rapinoe’s work at this May’s West Seattle Artwalk celebration.

April: Lupe Carlos

True Love WaysLupe Carlos

The Show:
Wing and a Prayer

From the Artist:
“The images in this exhibit are illustrations of stories from my life. However, I prefer not to relay exactly what these images mean to me. I prefer having the images trigger stories the viewer creates out of these pictures.

These images are lucid dreams, journeys to the subconscious where thoughts and memories are made of pictures. My hope it that you’ll find you’re own symbolism in these images and allow them to lead you through our universal experiences of, love, loss, redemption, and peace.”

Come join us on April 13th and experience Carlos’ work at The Shooting Gallery!

March: Michelle Salazar

Michelle Salazar Wallflower Custom Framing Art WalkMichelle Salazar

The Show:

From the Artist:
Borrowing from the Cowboy archetype, she explores how humans cultivate a veneer of toughness to hide vulnerabilities. A close examination of her figurative work reveals a repetition of symbols and hidden text scratched directly into the canvas, giving each piece depth and complexity.

Her paintings are boldly honest and intimate never wavering from the artists pursuit of truth. Salazar has developed a repertoire of respected works. Much of the appeal is attributed to her ability to convey not only the tender and passionate sides of the heart, but also the concealed and flawed sides.

See & enjoy more of Salazar’s works on her website.

February:  Lena Eivy

LenaEivy_web2Lena Eivy

The Show:
The Little School on the Top of the Hill

From the Artist:
At the top of a hill, in the village of Ntoma, in the country of Rwanda is a school where children laugh and joy is contagious.

A school started by one amazing woman, Mama Naomi, who survived the Rwandan genocide and sees it as her mission in life to help as many people as she can.

But the school is small and many of the village children cannot attend. They watch through the windows as their siblings and friends learn writing, English and Math. Mama Naomi wants to expand the school and has even started building a new classroom, but the progress is slow and the village is poor.

I had the honor to capture a small part of the village life last summer when I was invited to tell the story of the little school on the top of the hill.

Courtney, from Wallflower Framing, suggested we turn these images into a fundraiser for the school and even offered to donate the frames for the images.

Because I have such a personal connection with the school and Mama Naomi, 100% of the money raised will go directly into her hands to finish building the classroom.

Absolutely nothing will be held back for things like administrative costs.
All of the money will go to help these children. Once the the new classroom is built, the school will officially qualify for international aid from organizations such as CARE International. This will increase the prosperity of the entire village by providing them jobs and educating even more children.

January:  Puny Picture Show Held Over

Because it’s AWESOME!

December:  8th Annual Puny Picture Show & Benefit

puny postcard 20168th Annual Puny Picture Show & Benefit

This exhibit is dedicated to works supporting the fight against animal cruelty. These fun and tiny works will be on display until January 10th.

Proceeds will go to Pasado’s Safe Haven, so they may continue their efforts to help animals in need.

Get in the holiday spirit and give your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving!

Works by these artists and more will be on display at our benefit & show:
Carina Booyens:
D. Lisa West:
Tarsha Rockowitz:

November: Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire at WallflowerABOUT THE SHOW “TREES”
This exhibit is a tribute to the beauty, line, form, complexity, and simplicity of these amazing works of nature. Tim looks at them in their many states of season, life, struggle, and death. We are often surrounded by trees and tend to take them for granted.

Consider taking, or making, some time.
Perhaps you’ll see or feel what Tim did… perhaps something else?

For more work by Tim McGuire and contact information go to his website at

October 2016

painting by Balder at Wallflower

A pigment & water exploration, inspired by wovens.

Christopher Balder

About the Artist’s New Works:
This month we’re featuring brand new works by Christopher Balder. View his exploration as he used pigment and water, like warp and weft of fabric.
His work is at once painterly and textural. His brushstrokes create the visual grain of the fabric.
Art, paint and fiber lovers of all kinds will enjoy this exhibit. Join us at the opening on Oct 13!

September 2016

Double Header With Oompa Band

Kate Anthony

A short bio from the Artist:
I began considering myself a professional artist after I joined the Women Artists Group of the Northwest, in the mid-1970s. This was an organization created by Seattle women to show our work, support each others’ creative development, and to strengthen our identities as women artists.

I had been hanging out in lesbian bars, and, having a long-established habit of carrying a sketchbook, I drew the women in the bars. Those sketches became paintings at a time when I was experimenting with different media.

I turned to brushing ink and Japanese sumi color onto paper when I felt an urge to paint large figures with my calligraphy brushes.

I wanted to paint in the manner of calligraphy, where you set your ink down, and the confidence and accuracy of your line make the beauty or failure of the work.

So I acquired an easel, hired models to sit for me, and began painting.

I have taken several paths since then, but the ink and sumi materials have sustained my interest and pleasure, and resulted in my best work, for many years. -Kate Anthony

Come for light snacks, sips & darn good company.

Kate’s show runs from September 8 – October 11.

August 2016

heidi ehrenberg New Works paintingHeidi Ehrenberg

From the Artist:
Change is interesting.

It challenges and questions us. Finding clarity in the midst of change can seem incredibly slow or elusive. These works represent change, a transition, as I move from my Totem series  to new subject matter, palette, and format.

Structural and style changes are essential to me in growing as an artist. But more importantly, I recognize and embrace a greater awareness of my creative process, as I move toward a new body of work! – H.E.

Don’t miss Heidi’s new works here at the Shooting Gallery.
Her show runs from August 11 – September 13.

July 2016

Troy Sass July at WallflowerTroy Sass

From the Artist:
“Art, in any medium, is a crapshoot, isn’t it? You like it or you don’t. Subjective.
Does it make you think? Of course it does.

That’s why people create, and anyone that creates deserves the good and bad, that we as people, offer. Opinions. My Father told me many years ago, if you can’t handle what people have to say about what you create, STOP.

Don’t even try and proceed past the square on the Monopoly board called GO.

People create for a reaction, good or bad, and either way, you have proceeded along the board of Monopoly. Think about it.

I decided to hit that GO square running many years ago, and I have not looked back.”

July 2016

Rodolfo Rios Garza

Rodolfo Rios Garza

The Show:

Dreams of Love and Passion

Exploring both loves found and loves lost.
Your summer stroll through the neighborhood are sure to delight on June 9.
Mixed media works and good company, plus a few light refreshments are in store.

May 2016

Booyens for Artwalk in MayCariña Booyens

On display through June 7.

Experience the intensity of [Muse], a body of new works by Cariña Booyens.

Join us for the opening Thursday 5/12 and raise a refreshing glass in good company while viewing amazing art.

About the Show: [Muse]
[Muse] is an exploration of new and old for Cariña Booyens. She has been studying classical painting with Holly White-Gehrt at Georgetown Atelier for the last two years in the Part Time program.

With the Atelier approach, Cariña has had a deepening understanding of color and the human form, specifically modeling the object being rendered by the manipulation (and subtle allowing) of light emerging out of dark.

For Cariña, [Muse] wasn’t a choice. During her studies with Holly – which the muses insisted upon – they have visited her constantly…in the car while driving, in quiet moments while reading at home and bizarrely in clubs, coffee shops and while practicing Kung Fu forms. They insisted that she paint, new things – things she had no idea would be painted by her hand.

In [Muse] we find an experimentation of placing figurative next to abstraction, light next to dark, wildness with control, ecstasy with agony, joy with pain.

We also see the muses reveal themselves to the artist, to the world.. and through this insistent requirement of work Cariña makes sense of the order of things – sorting through what Deepak Chopra refers to as “cosmic soup” AND she also spends some transformative time with her beloved Totem animals: the butterfly, lioness, snake and hummingbird.

April 2016

Peacock by Tarsha Rockowitz

Tarsha Rockowitz

On display through May 10.


Tarsha Rockowitz is a Seattle transplant, originally from Maine.

She is a freelance graphic designer and a bit of a workaholic but when she’s not working she can be found painting, metalsmithing, and dabbling in whatever hands-on creative endeavor that strikes her at the moment. She lives in West Seattle with her husband, stepson and furry kids.


“After taking a bit of a hiatus from painting to focus on my house and my design business, I had a bit of an epiphany of the influence that Matisse has subconsciously had on me.

I reluctantly studied him long ago as an art student and while I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, with some space I’ve come to realize how much of an effect he had on me. I love playing with shape, color and pattern and thought a great way to celebrate that and get myself back in the creative spirit would be to pay tribute to the master of shape and color.

With that, I bring you a small collection of Matisse inspired imagery and techniques – An Homage to Matisse: From Paint to Paper.”

Join us for the Opening of Tarsha’s works on Thursday, April 14.

March 2016

H2O by Michelle SalazarMichelle Salazar

On display through April 5.
While continuing to explore and build on her obsession for the human form in her latest work Michelle dives into the deep end presenting a swim series of new work.

Those familiar with her past work will notice the continued theme of strength and resilience which is portrayed in the treatment of the subjects; isolated, alone, bare and exposed for the viewer to examine.

Plan to attend to see incredible pieces in person here at the Shooting Gallery.

February 2016

Mari_Jalbing_4Mari Jalbing

On display through March 8.
Experience an array of painting styles at the Shooting Gallery this month! Our featured local artist is prolific and takes inspiration from myriad subjects.

(from Mari Jalbing’s website)
Swedish-born and Midwest-grown artist, Mari Jalbing now lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

In the years before beginning to paint, her inner artist manifested as florist, gardner/landscaper, interior designer, and in the fiber arts and tailoring.

In later life, Mari was introduced to paint and paper through a workshop/class at Pratt. The experience uncorked an outpouring of work that continues to this day.

An autodidact, Mari is very prolific, and often works on 4 to 5 paintings simultaneously.  “I get to break the rules before even knowing what they are.  Having no formal training allows me incredible freedom to play.”

January 2016

Through Their Eyes, January Artwalk

A special group show highlighting local student photography.

Through Their Eyes

This month we have something a little different…and very special.

A student showing of photography from local pro photography Lena Eivy‘s recent Advanced Photography Course.
Join us: January 14 from 6-9pm.

Come early to meet the’s a school night!

December: Now Showing

pasado's safe haven image

7th Annual
Puny Picture Show
& Benefit

Opening December 10, our biggest show (!) of the year, plus it’s a benefit for Pasado’s Safe Haven out of Sultan, WA. Join us from 6-9pm, Thursday December 10. 

It’s an evening of great art, local artists and good cheer. Noteably our largest opening of the year – and you are warmly invited!

It’s indeed a special show that artists create new, if a bit smaller in scale than usual, works. Local artists are often at the opening and contribute a few new & punies to the show.

The Artists:

Wendy Sloneker
Bethany Bachmann (
Jessica Creager (
kelly rae cunningham (
Michele Smith-Lewis (
Sue Danielson (
Patty Haller (
Holli with an I, Photographer (
Kellyportfolio (

The Show:
The 7th Annual Puny Picture Show
& Benefit for Pasado’s Safe Haven

The Image (above);
from Pasado’s Safe Haven Facebook page- thank you!

About the Show:

This show is a natural fit, expression and event based on Wallflower Custom Framing’s core values and vision – that art can be expressive, available and that local arts and artists can be easily supported.
The simplicity of small gifts and handmade, heartmade local works is where all the fun and charm can take their full form.

The Puny Picture Show features a few light refreshments and delicious sippables. All that’s needed is your good company to be here to share. Won’t you join us?

November’s Show

kimberlyballa image

Blue Iris, Black Hole 2014

Kimberly Balla

Kimberly Balla is entranced by paint and its physical properties.
She focuses on how paint moves and changes on its own and how she can manipulate that change.  Her work focuses on the fluidic checmical process she has come to know and harness as her own.
She graduated with a BFA from Western Washington University in 2013.and had her first solo exhibition at Lucia Douglas Gallery in 2013.

She has since taken part in many group exhibitions, including Nature In The Balance: Artists Interpreting Climate Change at the Whatcom Museum, 2014 CVG Show at Collective Visions Gallery, and Undertones at Addison Gallery. She’s also curated two international EAFA Gallery exhibitions, and won awards from EAFA and Heart Gallery.

Balla works out of her studio at the Inscape Arts Building in Seattle, WA.

October’s Group Show


Aron Hart

Aron Hart, an award-winning artist living in the Seattle area, specializes in oil paintings and drawings of the Portrait and Figure. He is a graduate from the Gage Academy of Art’s Atelier Program -and now teaches there as well.


Christine Gedye

Christine Olson Gedye is a contemporary representational landscape painter living in Seattle, next to Green Lake, the muse that inspires so many of her paintings. Gedye received her traditionally-based training at Gage Academy in Seattle & Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney.


Elana Winsberg

A graduate of Gage Academy of Art’s Drawing & Painting Atelier, and the EDGE program, her background includes self-directed art studies at various institutions before and throughout an exciting career as photography & graphics editor, web designer & department head for several local media sources.


Patty Haller

She trained at Gage Academy, completing their Landscape Atelier in 2009. She continues art history studies through Oxford, where she’s been focusing on the Northern Renaissance. She loves botany, art history, and visual analysis, and indulges all these interests simultaneously throug painting with oils.


Suze Woolf

Suze has been drawing all her life. She pursued fifth-year studies in ceramics and printmaking at the University of Washington after her undergrad degree from McGill University. She has completed artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Banff Centre and been Artist-in-Residence at Zion National Park, North Cascades National Park and the Grand Canyon Trust.


Tamara Stephas

Tamara Stephas is a Pacific Northwest landscape painter and sculptor whose work explores the relationship between humans and our environment. A graduate of Willamette University, Gage Academy of Art, and Artist Trust’s EDGE professional development program. Recent honors include a 2013 CityArts Artwalk award and 2013 Artist Trust grant.