Our Framing Services

Hopefully you’ve heard the saying “Custom framing can make or break a piece of artwork” but…what does that really mean? Art is art, hang it on the wall and call it good, right? Wrong!! A custom frame is the finishing touch, it brings the artwork to life, it solidifies its character.

A clean hardwood frame gives a subtly modern look, like a crisp white dress shirt.
A fabric mat with a carved, gilded frame gives a timeless traditional look, like a finely tailored suit.
And a rustic barnwood frame on an old western piece is a t-shirt and a perfectly worn pair of Levis.

Your artwork does not want to be naked. Dress it up. Give it style. Make it yours.

2D Services

Prints, limited or open edition

Original works on paper



Lithographs, Serigraphs

Diplomas, documents, certificates

Letters, notes

Newspaper & magazine articles

Round and Oval

3D Services

Original works on canvas or panel


Sports jerseys

Fishing flies


Family heirlooms

Float two-dimensional works


Acrylic cases

Sports Memorabilia

Military Memorabilia